I am a former reporter who stumbled quite happily into teaching young people how to express their thoughts and emotions in a coherent way. Through L.A. Youth newspaper, we gave them a voice, the power to inspire others and an audience when they thought no one wanted to listen. We imparted what we believed, which is that the writing process is the best way to work through events in our lives and find meaning in the chaos.

When L.A. Youth closed after 25 years, I transitioned once again, this time to a career in Corporate Communications and Marketing where I had to learn to embrace the serial comma (my life changed in other more meaningful ways too, like finding myself back in Las Vegas after 20 years).

I started this blog to give myself a place to practice my craft and share what’s on my mind. My initial posts in 2013 were about my life in L.A. Now I’m blogging about my new life in Orange County, specifically about my running adventures in a place chock full of cool places to run and discover. My interests are varied. In addition to running, I like rugby, tennis, writing, cats, learning about dogs since I now live with one, and wine and beer tasting. I’ll be writing about those topics and anything else that catches my fancy. I welcome anyone along for the run.


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