Week 2 of ’40 by 40′

I’m eight days into my “40 by 40” challenge and so far I’ve logged 22 miles, which means I’m on pace to finish 40 miles by my birthday. It feels great to be running more, although my knees and lower back would beg to differ.

Day 3:

Rest day 🙂

Days 4 and 5:

I ran a 4.5-mile loop in my neighborhood on Thursday, reversing it and running the other way on Friday. It was the same distance, but I encountered the long hill at the end of the run instead of at the beginning. Potayto, potahto. A hill is a hill no matter where it is in your run!

Days 6-7:

Rest days 🙂 And I really rested. As an early birthday present, my boyfriend booked a night at a tranquil Desert Hot Springs hotel, including a 90-minute massage. I had planned to run on Sunday, but I was too relaxed after soaking in a hot tub and pool filled with hot mineral water (104 degrees and 97 degrees, respectively). He nailed my present—it was the perfect gift for my sore body!

Day 8:

After a two-day break, I’m back at it. I ran the Quail Hill loop today because I wanted to give my knees a break by running on dirt. Even still, I wore a brace on my right knee and patella bands on both knees for extra support because my knees are sore after a week of pounding the pavement. I ran the loop forward, backward and then added a little extra to bring my run to five miles. It was a challenge because of the distance, heat and that damn hill but I felt pretty good. I’d say that was thanks to my relaxing spa weekend, the soft surface and all that support. Have knee brace, will run!

40 by 40 Progress:

Day: 8 of 15
Miles: 22 of 40 completed
Status: I will accomplish my goal if my knees survive!

A hazy view of the mountains from Quail Hill’s vista point.

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